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Volunteer activity is at the heart of whatever Green Mobility Network achieves. We publish opportunities regularly at
[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]

If you have an idea you needn’t wait to be asked. Just write to  and say how you’d like to help.

We’ve had volunteers of just about every age — working folk, retirees, teens and, with parents nearby, middle-school girls and boys. It’s fun, you make new friends, and you help make Miami a better place.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a Graphic Artist and passionate outdoors sports practitioner. I am an active person who enjoys using the cities pedestrian system/commune system for exercising and as a method of transportation. As such, I am familiar with the areas issues and would like to participate with your organization to be a part of making Miami-Dade a safer – and more enjoyable – place to bicycle, run, and walk.

    I would sincerely want to get involved with your organization, so If you have any opportunities please let me know.

    Thank you,

    David Ruano

  2. Hello-

    I recently graduated with a degree in City and Regional Planning with a focus on transportation planning and just moved to Miami from North Carolina. I am surprised with what I have seen so far in Miami. I would have imagined a city of this size and history, not to mention distinguished sense of pride and community, to have a more sophisticated public transit and bicycle network connecting the city. I know there are people and organizations here that are very interested in the sustainable future growth of our city and I am one of them. If we take the right actions for (re)development now, the possibilities are endless for the economic, social and environmental prosperity for Miami’s future. I would just like to reach out and be a part of this movement and help spread the cause and desire to make this city the best it can be! Let me know what I can do!!


  3. Hello,
    I’m a rising senior at Eckerd College double majoring in anthropology and Environmental studies. As I was born and raised in Miami, I am all too familiar with the problems associated with vehicular traffic created by our city centers. Although I am currently studying ecology and sustainability in Costa Rica this semester, I will be home for the summer, and sincerely wish to learn more and involve myself with the initiatives your organization has established. If you have any available opportunities for a summer intern (payment not required) please let me know. I think the issue your organization adresses is one pillar of sustainability that our city can achievable tackle, and would be extremely excited to get involved.

    Thank you,

    Mary Kate

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