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Tony’s book makes a splash

Tony Garcia, right, solicits ideas for improving the M-Path at an event with Meg Daly, left, the sparkplug of the Underline project to develop the path as a vibrant linear park.

Making news in the world of urban affairs this week is a new book called Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change. It’s by our chairman, Anthony Garcia, and his partner in Street Plans Collaborative, Mike Lydon. Their design firm grew out of the work that Lydon did on Miami 21, the modern rewrite of the City of Miami’s land-use plan.

The book was featured in Slate, which published an excerpt, and with an interview at Next City, the website covering metropolitan leaders, policies and innovation.  There’s more about the book, too, at the publisher’s website.

Tony will be speaking about his ideas April 2 at Books & Books in Coral Gables. The talk starts at 8 p.m.

Miami-Dade Ranked 4th-Most Dangerous Metro Area for Pedestrians

Anyone who has to commute in Miami-Dade County knows how hazardous it can be for pedestrians. I myself have had many close calls while biking, and I’m sure our readers have dozens of tales of accidents, near-misses, and other scares (tell us about yours in the comments!). However, a new report released by Smart Growth America adds statistical backing to these anecdotes, showing us just how dangerous navigating the County can be, and underlining the need for safe reform.

The report (available here) calculated the share of local commuters who walk or bike to work, as well as the past 5 years’ traffic fatality data, to determine the most dangerous metro areas, and it appears that Florida has some real work to do: the top 4 most dangerous regions in the nation were Orlando, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.
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Miami commission OKs first bicycle plan

There was a big win for Green Mobility this week. The Miami City Commission approved, 5-0, the Bicycle Action Plan offered by Mayor Manny Diaz to set the city on the path toward true bicycle-friendliness. We've been working for this since February, but to underline its importance we held a demonstration ride outside City Hall before the commission meeting. Mayor Diaz and Commissioners Joe Sanchez and Marc Sarnoff joined us on the ride, along with Police Chief John Timoney and several other city officials. Much remains to be done — both to execute the present plan and to create the public climate that will support broader and richer efforts throughout Greater Miami. Won't you help us bring it about?