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We back Critical Mass — and safety

Green Mobility Network supports the Miami Critical Mass rides as being one of most important bellwethers of the rise of bicycle culture in Miami-Dade County. The rides have helped thousands of Miamians discover and enjoy bicycling, and that is a good thing. We hope everyone who participates in these rides will be considerate of all other road users. Wherever we ride, we should make safety our priority and courtesy our habit. Any rider who fails to do that obscures the fact that bicycling is a healthy activity that is good for the environment and a wholesome thing.

We urge city leaders to bring together all members of the bicycle community to engage in a constructive dialog that preserves what is special about the Critical Mass ride, while also ensuring public safety

Got Lights?

Got lights iconIn this prime bicycling season in Florida, one is tempted to hit the road before sunup or squeeze in one more round after dark. The sensations are delicious — fresh air, motion, and a cool breeze. But is your bike lighted? It needs to be, for your night-riding safety as well as that of other road users. Send us a photo of your bike lighted for the road and we’ll use it to help remind other cyclists to Be Safe, Be Seen.

Climb the bridge for safer streets

All road users are invited to the tall bridge on the Rickenbacker Causeway this Saturday at 9 a.m. to call for safer streets and recognize cyclist Aaron Cohen, who died Thursday of a hit-and-run driver’s injuries. The bicycling community put this event together, working in parallel efforts from varying points of view. We have one message, though: Everyone needs to stop tolerating speeders and reckless drivers. There’s no better place to start saying it than on the Rickenbacker.

Make your own signs. Make the message simple and legible from a distance. Clever would be nice, if you’re up to it. If you’re not biking to the bridge, there’s parking for your car-pool driver along the south side of the causeway to the west (mainland side).

If you ARE biking to the bridge, you’re invited to ride with the group leaving the Pepper Fountain at the south end of Bayfront Park at 8:30 a.m.

Pedestrian death numbers alarming

The latest Dangerous by Design report from Transportation for America (T4A) shines a spotlight on Florida’s very Transportation for America logo high numbers of pedestrians killed in traffic. Over a 10-year period — 2000-2009 — there were 5,163 Florida pedestrian deaths. When you calculate the Pedestrian Danger Index, Florida ranks worst in the nation — and Southeast Florida fourth worst among the 50 largest metropolitan areas. Only the Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, and Jacksonville areas ranked worse than the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area — that is, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties taken as one unit.

A good way to wrap your mind around the size of the issue is to look at T4A’s interactive map of where pedestrians were killed during those 10 years. Type in your home address and watch the map come up. I think of my own suburban neighborhood as safe and very walkable, so I was surprised to find the forest of exclamation points spread across Miami-Dade County — each one a marker of some man or woman, boy or girl, killed while crossing a street, or waiting for a bus, or walking home from school . . . The map is truly sobering, and so are the numbers in the T4A charts.