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Miami drops bid for Wal-Mart rezone

Miami Planning and Zoning Director Francisco Garcia withdrew his proposal to rezone a vacant lot in Midtown where Wal-Mart has been planning to build a 24-hour superstore. He notified Mayor Tomas Regalado and the City Commission by letter about noon today, asking to take the item off Thursday’s commission agenda.


The city’s Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board had voted unanimously to deny the rezoning, citing a lack of specific plans from Wal-Mart and the opposition of numerous Miamians at the board meeting and two public workshops. The city staff’s request would have allowed N. Miami Avenue’s median to be narrowed so big trucks could pull into the store from that side of the block just north of NE 29th Street.  “The feedback received thus far,” Garcia wrote, “indicates a marked preference to examine all possibilities available presently, and only if those prove insufficient or problematic consider others as appropriate.”