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M-Path bridge being installed

Bridge over the Snapper Creek Expressway mouth is partly assembled

The new foot and bike bridge over the Snapper Creek Expressway is moved into place early Saturday near the Dadeland Station shopping center. The FDOT contractor’s crew worked through the night to lift the prefabricated sections into place so they can be bolted together. Work continues through the weekend, with the goal of finishing before morning rush hour on Monday. Thanks to Green Mobility secretary Eric Tullberg for watching through the night and photographing the work.


The bridge is a key part of the M-Path Extension, an FDOT project that will close the gap between the M-Path and the South Dade Trail.

Cheering for the M-Path

Top eight reasons Green Mobility Network is cheering the M-Path Extension:

  • It fills a significant gap between the M-Path and the South Dade Trail and will create a continuous 30-mile paved path between Florida City and downtown Miami,
  • improves access to two rail transit stations, Dadeland South and Dadeland North (including the Dadeland Station transit-oriented development),
  • provides good construction jobs,
  • it’s putting federal economic stimulus funds to work,
  • will provide clean, healthy and sustainable travel options,
  • is part of the downtown Kendall master plan,
  • is part of the East Coast Greenway Network,
  • is a Rails-to-Trails project, and
  • shows that FDOT is a partner in improving conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians.

These offered up by David Henderson, the bicycle-pedestrian coordinator at the Metropolitan Planning Organization. You’re invited to follow and comment on the project’s progress here at Complete the M-Path, our original Facebook advocacy page.