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Beach’s 16th Street Bike Lane Has Gone Green!

Great news for those who commute by bike in Miami Beach!  Just this past week, the City of Miami Beach painted 16th Street with a beautiful green bike lane.   This street is one of the most popular commuter corridors for residents on bikes. The east/west connection has had a striped bike lane, but the lane was in need of a facelift and better visibility to drivers.

The 16th Street green lane is just one component of a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan that has been in the works since 2013.  The Master Plan is sponsored by the city and is being carried out by The Street Plans Collaborative.  As South Florida’s most urban environment, Miami Beach is undergoing a massive overhaul to give more priority to bike and pedestrian mobility.  The plan envisions a robust expansion of protected bike lanes around Miami Beach. Upgrading to a green bike lane is just the first step in a larger plan that will culminate in protected lanes on 16th Street, Euclid, West Avenue, Washington, Collins and 5th Street.   We look forward to more green bike lanes (and protected lanes) installed in Miami Beach coming soon!

*Photo courtesy Xavier Falconi