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Protect the M-Path!

The M-Path is a 10.5-mile shared-use path that stretches from Downtown Miami to Dadeland South, and one of South Florida’s best bicycle and pedestrian amenities. It crosses 28 major roadways and runs through Brickell, Vizcaya, Douglas Road, UM and other key landmarks. However, it is in danger of being undermined.

A developer is seeking to build a parking lot, drive-through, and associated back-of-house functions at the corner of U.S.1 and LeJeune Road. This development would encroach upon the M-Path, making transportation more difficult for commuters, students, and all of us who use the path at this busy juncture. More importantly, it would put lives at risk: MPO data shows us that this sort of encroachment leads to more injuries and deaths for pedestrians and cyclists.

We need to do everything we can to protect ourselves by stopping this development or making sure that it involves a fair solution for pedestrians and cyclists. MDT will be holding a presentation on this proposed development at the BPAC meeting on Tuesday, May 27th at Government Center at 5:30 (check out our calendar for details). We urge you to attend the meeting and stand up for our interests! If you are unable to attend, you can help by contacting the Board of County Commissioners or Miami-Dade Transit and making your opposition known.

FDOT Project Meetings: Alton Road, NW 47 Avenue, NW 57 Avenue

fdot-logoThe FDOT will be holding a series of public hearings in the coming week regarding road redesign projects around the county. The first is about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the proposed improvements to NW 47th Avenue, from NW 183rd St. up to Premier Parkway in Broward County. It will be held on Thursday May 22nd, at Florida Memorial University’s Conference Center (15800 NW 42 Ave) at 6 P.M This project is designed to provide additional roadway capacity to improve mobility and safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike.

Another meeting will be held on Thursday May 29th regarding the proposed improvements to NW 57th Avenue, from W 84th St. to NW 186th St. The project mostly involves repaving and restriping the road itself, and will also include improvements to pedestrian ramps and signalization equipment (push buttons). We hope to see you there! The meeting will be at Dade Christian School (6601 NW 167th St.) from 6-8 P.M.

We urge you to go make your voice heard! Encourage FDOT to make our roads more humane and pedestrian friendly!
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Southeast Regional Bike Safety Summit Signals Shift Within FDOT

The April 11, 2013 Southeast Regional Bike Safety Summit touted a conversation with Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. He spoke briefly, took no questions and was whisked away to catch a plane. I nearly accosted him as he sped towards a back exit, hoping to place in his hands materials calling for reform. I’d promised Miami advocates that Mr. LaHood would see these documents! But before I’d left my seat I realized I might be that guy yelling ‘Don’t tase me bro’ at oversized security escorts. The rest of the program included talks on national bike safety, a panel discussion on bicycling in Tampa, talks on the built environment, engineering & design and, law enforcement & education.
Within minutes of LaHood’s departure I realized the Summit was almost exclusively focused on bicycling & pedestrianism in Tampa then Florida, nothing addressed the Southeastern US or public transit. The remaining federal administrator eked good wishes when pressed on Federal funding or safety issues. While it is true that non-motorized safety standards will now be a must for State DOTs, there remains the possibility that State governors like Rick Scott could reject funding tied to these safety standards. The remaining talks on land use, engineering, design and law enforcement focused on local examples. Elements within the enforcement community are beginning to work with the bicycling/pedestrian communities but police agree that enforcement must be more serious and should begin by coming to the table. Only one or two officers made it to the conference room though it was full of advocates eager to hear them speak. One innovation is to encourage police toward better bike/ped enforcement in areas where there is also high crime.
During one of the last sessions, Major Tim Burton, Hillsborough County Sheriff Office, NHTSA Administrator David Strickland and Tim Bustos were asked if they would support legislation de-incentivizing hit & runs. They all agreed to do so. Getting them on record as supportive of this legislation was one more win for SFL bicycle advocacy. While everyone believes in zero tolerance for those who don’t respect bicyclists, it’s best to require appointed officials specify how they’ll achieve these lofty goals.
Billy Hattaway of Florida District 1 Transportation Secretary, and David Strickland of the National Highway Safety Administration believe we are looking to do nothing less than change the driving culture of Florida. This will need law enforcement to drive public campaigns home. Remember “Click it or Ticket”? That campaign was extremely successful in convincing our freedom loving public that seat restraints must be used when traveling our American highways. On a more personal note, Billy Hattaway is on my short list of possible heroes: he was just comfortable enough to let slip the fact that he believes traffic is good for culture change. As he explained ‘How to talk to engineers’ he included the fact that reducing congestion on trips through cities should not be a priority. Things happen in cities because of interactions. If Mr. Hattaway were District 6 Secretary, we would have lower speed limits and more crosswalks on important roadways like Biscayne Blvd, South Dixie Highway and others.