Our Partners


Bike Walk Coral Gables

Bike Walk Coral Gables, in partnership with the Coral Gables Museum, provides family-friendly bicycle tours of places of interest in Coral Gables. Held on the third Sunday of every month, the tours are led by experienced bicycle leaders on safe routes to the varied destinations. Bike Walk Coral Gables promotes a safe and friendly environment for cyclists and pedestrians by advocating programs and events to educate the Coral Gables community.

Bike SoMi

South Miami is home to more than ten thousand people and is a destination for work, play and shopping for thousands of more people across the Greater Miami area.  Bike SoMi seeks to foster a city that is truly bicycle-friendly – for people who walk, run, bicycle, drive cars or just simply spend time in public spaces. We organize community rides and services for local events.



Improving walking, bicycling, and living in Miami, Florida