Green Mobility Network welcomes new members and participants. Please join us ($35 or $50 a year for individuals,  $100 for a family,  $500 for a sustaining membership) to empower our work for better and safer bicycling, running, and walking in Miami-Dade County. You will help your neighbors get more fit, save fuel, and make Greater Miami a more livable place.

Membership Options

Join now and we’ll mail you your membership card, which will qualify you for discounts at these progressive shops that support our work:

Other member benefits:

  • Group rides so you can socialize with other cyclists, discover new places to ride to, and help new riders become comfortable on their wheels.
  • Newsletter with updates on Green Mobility Network activity and other information to help bicyclists, walkers, and runners enjoy what they do.
  • Discounts when you join Better World Club, the full-service motor club that provides bicycle road service and prescription discounts.
  • Timely e-mail alerts when local, state, or national issues relevant to our mission require public involvement.


  1. Use the “Pay Now” button, and PayPal will charge your dues to your credit card or PayPal account. PayPal will automatically renew your membership on an annual basis—convenient for both you and us.
  2. Mail a check to Green Mobility Network | 221 Aragon Avenue  | Coral Gables, FL 33134.
  3. When you see our table at public events, ask to use the Square. A quick swipe of your card and you’ll be enrolled.
  4. People on limited incomes may join by helping out in one of our projects. Send us an e-mail saying when you’re available—or look for our Volunteer Match  listings. Tell us you want to earn an equity membership, and we’ll put you to work with like-minded folk who soon will be your friends.

Membership Options

Improving walking, bicycling, and living in Miami, Florida