Paths and connectivity

Paths and bicycle lanes should ease the access to all parts of a community— the places where we work, learn and play, our marketplaces, parks, beaches and green spaces.


Streets and paths should be designed and maintained for the safety of all who use them. All users should respect each other. That means each of us should know and observe traffic rules and signs.


We encourage everyone in all forms of personal mobility to learn the skills and courtesies that make our activities safer, more efficient, and more fun. We also seek to educate motorists to look out for walkers, runners and bicyclists and respect our right to share the road.

Organizing Coalitions for Change

By bringing together bicyclists, runners and walkers around a common goal—the promotion and improvement of low-impact personal mobility—the Green Mobility Network can be more effective than any of us acting individually to influence planners and decision-makers at all levels.

Sharing Personal Experiences

Tell us the joys and frustrations you’ve found in your own personal mobility. Share your good ideas and help us make South Florida a better and healthier place. Are these issues important to you?

Improving walking, bicycling, and living in Miami, Florida