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The Giving Season Begins

For the 24 hours of 12-12-12, you have a unique opportunity to leverage your support of Green Mobility Network. This Wednesday is Give Miami Day, you see, and any gift you make by clicking here will be added to by the Miami Foundation. Your donations support our education and advocacy to make bicycling, running, and walking safer and more fun throughout Miami-Dade County. It’s a great way to improve the health and quality of life enjoyed by you and all your neighbors.

Go Bronze!

In October 2012 the City of Miami was awarded Bronze status as a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Green Mobility Network helped to make it happen. In 2008 we organized a meeting with former mayor Manny Diaz that led to the City Commission’s adoption of Miami’s first bicycle master plan. At one time Miami was considered one of the worst big cities in the country for bicycling. Now it’s recognized as one of the most promising.


There’s strength in numbers. Although we’re busy building our own organization, we work closely with others throughout Miami-Dade County. Pictured here is the first Gables Bike Day event, held in Coral Gables in October 2011. Green Mobility Network was a leading participant and the fiscal sponsor for the event.

As part of our collaborative efforts, we meet regularly with city and county staff members, leaders of like-minded groups, and elected officials. The kind of long-term change we envision doesn’t just take a village. It takes everyone!

Safer Streets

South Florida is one of the most dangerous places in the country for bicyclists and pedestrians. Shown here is the Feb. 2012 rally after triathlete Aaron Cohen was killed by a hit-and-run driver on the Rickenbacker Causeway. The incident provoked grief, outrage, and increased community-wide activism for safer streets.

After the Aaron Cohen incident, we launched our ongoing SafeStreetsMiami campaign. Making our streets safer is one of Green Mobility Network’s highest priorities. This is a long-term effort that will require widespread community support and the strong leadership of elected officials. Working together, we can make it happen.

Community Building

Our annual Tweed Ride, shown here, is one of many social events and group rides we organize on a regular basis. Through get-togethers like this, we’re building a community of friends and advocates who support a more livable Miami.

Our goal is to change Miami for the better. It will take dedication and hard work. In building a community of support, we bring together great people who share a common sense of purpose and idealism.


Education and awareness are critical to our success. We organize regular events, meetings, and forums to raise awareness and share ideas for improving Greater Miami and getting our message out to diverse audiences.

Like many U.S. cities, Miami grew up around the automobile, becoming a city more for cars than people. Now that’s changing, and Miami is creating more livable communities where people can walk, bike, run, and share the beauty of our natural environment on safe, protected streets and greenways. Green Mobility Network is a leader of this movement through education and awareness raising.