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Rickenbacker Riders, Heed Safety Tips

Cyclists cross Bear Cut Bridge during Friday afternoon rush hour. Two started on the bike lane then melded with motor traffic as cars edged toward the concrete barrier.
Cyclists cross Bear Cut Bridge during Friday afternoon rush hour. Two started on the bike lane then melded with motor traffic as cars edged toward the concrete barrier.

For at least several months we’re all going to need extra care in biking or driving the Rickenbacker Causeway. The lane restrictions applied today on the Bear Cut Bridge — that’s the one just east of the UM’s Rosenstiel School — have put both outbound and inbound motor traffic on the south side of the bridge. Drivers headed toward Key Biscayne can barely avoid driving in the bike lane. For the time being, the county is asking outbound cyclists to use the barrier-protected multi-use path instead of the bike lane. Strong and skilled cyclists probably will be OK on the road as usual but should understand that impatience may surface at any time. Here’s our advice:

  1. Use extra care at all times on or near the Bear Cut Bridge.
  2. After dark and until an hour after sunrise, do not bike the bridge in the motor lanes.
  3. If you ride the side path, accept that you’re likely to meet or overtake pedestrians. Those walkers and joggers have the right-of-way and it’s a cyclist’s obligation by law and courtesy to yield to them. You’ll also encounter slower or less-skilled cyclists on the path; treat them well.
  4. Take extra effort to be polite to motorists. The lane restrictions are as uncomfortable for them as for runners or cyclists. Continue reading Rickenbacker Riders, Heed Safety Tips

One Year, Two New Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridges

Green Mobility Network has been actively involved in advocating for, monitoring, and supporting the construction of two new bicycle-pedestrian bridges during 2012-13.

The first to open is the bridge across the entrance to the Snapper Creek Expressway just north of Dadeland. Previously, bicyclists, pedestrians, and runners had to cross one of the most dangerous intersections in Miami-Dade County at grade level. The second, which will open early in 2013, crosses the Coral Gables Waterway at Cocoplum Circle. Both of these important projects will help to ensure the safety of future generations of bicyclists, walkers, and runners who use the M Path and the Commodore and Old Cutler trails. Both projects required many hours of our volunteers attending meetings and participating in reviews and discussions—the kind of behind-the-scenes work at the heart of our advocacy efforts.

Photos: Top, Snapper Creek Expressway bridge north of Dadeland soon after opening. Bottom: Bridge at Cocoplum Circle under construction, fall 2012, opening early in 2013.

ARTcycle and Green Mobility Network bike valet parking this weekend, Dec. 7-9!


A partner with Green Mobility Network, ARTcycle was created by founders and organizers Tachi Llamas and Giselle Delgado to raise awareness for riders and drivers promoting wellness and safe streets through an active lifestyle while supporting the arts.

For visitors to the Wynwood art events during Miami Art Week, Green Mobility Network will offer free bicycle valet parking Fri.-Sun., Dec. 7-9, 9am-6pm, in the parking lot of O Cinema, 90 NW 29th St., half a block west of N. Miami Ave. Food truck by Bocaditos.

ARTcycle friends donated 15 bicycles that were given to artists who used them to create sculptures and installations. ARTcycle art bikes are exhibited during Art Basel days, December 7-9, 2012 in 11 locations throughout Wynwood.

Visitors may see all the art bikes any day, all day long or they may enjoy a bicycle ARTcycle bike tour sponsored by and departing from Fountain Art Fair – 2505 N. Miami Ave December 7th, 8th, and 9th at noon.

Art bikes will then be auctioned during the ARTcycle Auction event in February 2013. Funds raised will support Green Mobility Network’s Safe Streets Miami educational programs, and ultimately reducing the number of bike-related accidents and fatalities that occur in our city.

For more info and artbikes sale price please contact or call 786.488.8867.

ARTcycle Exhibiting Artists + locations:

Johanna Boccardo + Erwin Georgi at Wood Tavern
Mariano Costa-Peuser at Cafeina | Wynwood Exhibition Center
Giselle Delgado Buraye at Kayu | Respondé
Elio Diaz Jr. (Elito) at Wood Tavern sponsored by Mack Cycle
Katy Stalfus at Fountain
Astolfo Funes at Elemental
Katiuska Gonzalez at Fountain
Lucinda Linderman at Miami’s Independent Thinkers | Armory
Nancy Martini at Gab Studios sponsored by All4Cycling
Janet Mueller at 004 Connec | Graffe Cafe
Maximiliano Pecce at Cafeina | Wynwood Exhibition Center
ri Prabha at Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers
Gioconda Rojas at O Cinema
Aida Tejada at O Cinema


Thursday, December 6th: Happy Hour at Wood Tavern 5-9pm
Art Bike: Elio Diaz Jr. (Elito),  sponsored by Mack Cycle
Art Bike: Johanna Boccardo + Erwin Georgi
Friday, December 7th: ARTcycle Bike Tour 12 noon
Saturday, December 8th: ARTcycle Bike Tour 12 noon
Sunday, December 9th: ARTcycle Bike Tour 12 noon


Feeling A Buzz? Take A Taxi

We’re into the season now when it’s doubly easy to drink too much. Whether you’re driving or bicycling, all road users hope you’ll think ahead about how to get home safely. Use a designated driver, borrow your host’s couch, or catch a ride rather than drive with a buzz on. After all, buzzed driving IS drunk driving.

Bertonatti Back in Court

Carlos Bertonatti wore inmate’s orange for his hearing today on DUI/manslaughter charges in the hit-and-run death of bicyclist Christoph LeCanne on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  We’re accustomed to seeing him in street clothes for his many show-ups at Miami-Dade Circuit Court, but this time he shuffled into Courtroom 4-7 handcuffed to a walker.

He occupied the back row of the jury box while Judge Bronwyn Miller worked her way through a morning docket of lesser cases. Then, after a short conference between the young singer and defense lawyer Robert Pertierra, Judge Miller set yet another trial date — this time Jan. 7, 2013, with a pre-trial conference Jan. 3.

For most of the time since his arrest in January 2010, Bertonatti has been under house arrest at his father’s Key Biscayne home, his movements monitored by a GPS ankle bracelet. But his bail bondsman surrendered him in June and Bertonatti is being held at the Metro West Detention Center.