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Good times at Pinecrest Community Bike Day

Congratulations to the Village of Pinecrest and Dr. Lawrence Feldman from Miami-Dade Public Schools for hosting the 8th annual Pinecrest Community Bike Day! The event began at 9am at the beautiful Pinecrest Gardens where riders were welcomed with a community fair complete with DJ, food trucks and a collection of sponsors and community organizations handing out plenty of free give-aways!

Picecrest Community Bike Day
(Left to Right) Eric Katz of Green Mobility Network, Dr. Lawrence Feldman of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Mayor Cindy Lerner from Village of Pinecrest

The event helped spread awareness toward the Village’s strive to become more bike and pedestrian friendly.  All riders were provided free safety gear from local sponsors and were given a quick bike safety workshop by UM Bike Safe just before the group ride began.  Green Mobility Network was proud to be in attendance and help spread news about existing neighborhood trails such as the South Dade Trail, Red Road Linear Park, Old Cutler Trail new incoming trail projects such the Snapper Creek and Ludlam Trail. Many thanks to the Village for inviting us to attend this wonderful community event!

South Dade Bike Events this Weekend

Florida Bike Month is underway and Miami-Dade’s unofficial Bicycle District (District 8) is leading the charge with 2 exciting events this weekend.  GMN will have a presence at both events so be sure to come say hi and grab some GMN swag! Many thanks to Village of Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Miami-Dade District 8 for continuing to advocate for safer and healthier streets for all modes.


Mayor Flinn of Palmetto Bay is leading a bike ride this year prior to a community picnic. All participants will receive a raffle ticket and will be automatically entered to win a prize. The ride is in cooperation with County’s “Bike 305 Connecting Communities” program. Helmets are mandatory! If you’re interested in participating in the Mayor’s Bike Ride, please pre-register here before March 3. The ride will depart at 9:30 am from Coral Reef Park. Green Mobility Network will be in attendance with FREE bike valet!



Join the Village of Pinecrest for their annual Community Bike Ride Day.  After a guided bike tour, riders will enjoy free give-aways from an array of sponsors and community organizations.  Green Mobility Network will have a table and provide all with free bike maps and other cool swag!

Countdown to the Venetian: T-Minus One Month

Bridge repairs are underway across the Venetian Causeway.  For the past 6 months, thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians have been anticipating the re-opening of this critical and scenic corridor connecting Miami Beach to the mainland.  Due to the bridge closure, non-motorists have been forced to reroute their east-west commutes across the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle causeways, both high-stress commuter routes offering little protection with cars zooming by at 60+ mph speeds.

VenetianJust last week we highlighted a new green bike lane across Miami Beach’s 16th street.  The Venetian Causeway bridge repair in another critical component  adding to Miami’s 21st century built environment where cars, bikes and peds all benefit from improved accessibility and protection.

*Photo courtesy Michael Matthews

FDOT Launches Put It Down Campaign


Just last week, another texting & driving tragedy hit close to home as Miami Bike & Build rider Patrick Wanninkhof was struck and killed due to a distracted driver who was too busy on the cell phone rather than paying attention to the road.  This simple yet highly dangerous act of driving negligence has claimed too many innocent victims, and has communities across the country struggling to find solutions.

Florida Department of Transportation has recently launched its Put It Down campaign aimed at educating the public about the dangers of driving while texting.  Green Mobility is a proud partner in this campaign and will begin distributing informative data with hopes to educate the local community and inspire us all to #PutitDown! For those who are ready to 100% give up driving and texting (or those who already have), please sign this Pledge Card, and share it with your neighbors, family, and friends.

Call for Green Mobility Interns!

GMN volunteers

Position Description:

Green Mobility Network is actively seeking candidates interested in obtaining an internship position with a fast paced and FUN community based non-profit. Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy is at an all-time high and GMN is involved in a multitude of exciting programs that will help strengthen Miami’s sustainable and mobility future. From advocating for the Ludlam Trail to organizing group bike rides to reporting on local current events, GMN is dedicated to making Miami-Dade a safer and more enjoyable place bike, run and walk.

The ideal candidate is an engaging individual eager to develop real-world skills, and passionate about making Miami more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The position will involve program coordination and project execution. The position would report directly to GMN’s chairman and program manager.

Potential Responsibilities:

Website/social media blogging, Photography, Event planning, Graphic design, Public meeting attendance / reporting, Volunteer coordination, Data entry, Grant research and writing


-Must be comfortable with working independently

-Experience with Microsoft office, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, GIS are ideal

-Undergraduate to Graduate Level Degree preferably from the fields of architecture, urban planning, public administration, communications, advertising/marketing, public health, sociology, anthropology, biology and information technology

Please provide resumes and a cover letter to

Green Mobility Network Participates in Palmetto Senior High’s Environmental Fair

Green Mobility Network was proud to partner with Palmetto Senior High’s CLEO Club for their Environmental Fair on May 22.  Other organizations attending included the Sierra Club, Tropical Audubon Society, University of Florida among various others, including individual student-led environmental projects.

With the focus of the fair on environmental initiatives, GMN highlighted its Friends of the Ludlam Trail (FOLT) campaign. Students were educated about the multitude of environmental factors associated with the project.  Eric Katz, GMN program manager, presented students with a multitude of trail renderings, maps and diagrams explaining FOLT’s goals toward pine rocklands restoration, bonneted bat conservation and how reduced carbon emissions from riding bikes equals cleaner air.

It was a honor to be present at the fair with so many other amazing local organizations.  Some students were completely unaware of the Ludlam corridor that was just minutes from their homes, while some were already involved with our campaign and extremely supportive of our efforts. Special thanks to CLEO Club organizers Ms. Amy Leaonard and Ms. Shalla Sorensen.  We look forward to the next fair!