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Thank You to All Our Give Miami Day Donors!

Thank you

Miami did it again! In just 24 hours the Miami community raised over $7 million supporting 600+ non-profits across the 305! With your help, Green Mobility Network successfully raised over  $1,400 which will directly support programs such as Friends of Ludlam Trail, Biscayne Everglades Greenway project, Safe Streets Miami and our Bike Valet!  We look forward to another year of advocacy, special projects, events and more!



Today is one of the most exciting days of the year for Miami!  For 24 hours, the greater Miami community is showing its love to the hundreds of non-profits that serve our communities every day of the year.  Here at Green Mobility Network, our board, steering committees, and volunteers have devoted countless hours towards making Miami-Dade a safer and more enjoyable place to bike, walk and run.

We do so through our county-wide advocacy efforts and various programs  including our Friends of the Ludlam Trail campaign, Biscayne Everglades Greenway project, Bike Valet service, Safe Streets Miami and more! Our online blog and newsletters keep the community informed about everything bike-ped related in Miami-Dade County and beyond.  Together we have made great strides at making Miami a future world-class multi-modal destination.

Please support us on this day as we look forward to another year of amazing events, programs and initiatives that will bring positive change to Miami’s streets, sidewalks, trails and greenways! <—please click this link or use the Give Miami Day widget to the right of the page. A percentage of your donation will be matched, making your gift even more powerful on this day!

Telling our Story

Here’s a video underwritten by Green Mobility Network in connection with last week’s WHEELS event.  Enjoy, and please support Green Mobility Network for tomorrow’s Give Miami Day! Our organization works hard everyday to help make Miami-Dade a safer and more pleasant place to bike, walk and run!

 NEW: The second WHEELS 2015 film, “On Our Wheels.” Follow three young professionals who do a radical thing. They leave the car keys in their pockets.

Posted by Wheels – 2015 on Thursday, November 12, 2015


WHEELS T-Minus 24 Hours!

Miami is about to embark on an innovative mega-event coined as WHEELS.  For the next 5 days, Miamians will be challenged to leave their combustion-powered vehicles in the driveway, and move about their day utilizing their feet, bicycle or one of the many public transit options available such as metro rail, metro mover, tri rail, trolley or bus.


The overall objective of the event is to show the general public that, It’s not that bad… and it’s not that hard to move about the city without a car.  All one has to do is learn the basic principals of our transportation network, and then take oneself out on a real world test spin. What the WHEELS team is willing to bet on, is that you would be surprised how easy, and dare we say, fun, it actually is to move without a car.  While challenges regarding Miami’s current mobility and accessibility do exist, there are many positives that don’t get enough attention.

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Ludlam Trail Activated at Recent Fall Fest Event

No longer do we have to wonder what it would look like to have hundreds of Miamians occupying the Ludlam Trail all at once.  Last Saturday, Friends of the Ludlam Trail in collaboration with Florida East Coast Industries and Miami-Dade County successfully led over 300 bike riders from A.D. Barnes Park to Dadeland and back.

GMN Bike Valet at your service!

The 6 mile journey carried them past numerous parks, commercial districts, schools and residential neighborhoods.  When riders returned to AD Barnes, they were greeted to an array of festivities including a DJ, bounce houses, face painting, No Boundaries bike shop and of course our very own GMN Bike Valet!  During the festival, the crowd took a pause to listen to the leaders of Ludlam Trail and FECI as they brought the public up to speed regarding the campaign.

City of Miami Commissioner Suarez, Alfred Lurigados (FECI), Tony Garcia (FOLT), Miami-Dade Commissioner Sosa

As summarized by GMN chairman and leader of the FOLT campaign, Tony Garcia “This is the first of many activation events to occur on the trail for the next year. We are thrilled to be working closely with FECI and the surrounding community as we move closer and closer to the Ludlam Trail vision becoming a reality.” Medium to long term efforts regarding the trail include establishing an official Ludlam Trail conservancy trust that would  manage land acquisition, design, construction and maintenance of the trail.  Until then,  Ludlam Days events such as the recent Fall Fest are meant to build awareness and raise funds for the trail.