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Green Mobility Network Participates in Palmetto Senior High’s Environmental Fair

Green Mobility Network was proud to partner with Palmetto Senior High’s CLEO Club for their Environmental Fair on May 22.  Other organizations attending included the Sierra Club, Tropical Audubon Society, University of Florida among various others, including individual student-led environmental projects.

With the focus of the fair on environmental initiatives, GMN highlighted its Friends of the Ludlam Trail (FOLT) campaign. Students were educated about the multitude of environmental factors associated with the project.  Eric Katz, GMN program manager, presented students with a multitude of trail renderings, maps and diagrams explaining FOLT’s goals toward pine rocklands restoration, bonneted bat conservation and how reduced carbon emissions from riding bikes equals cleaner air.

It was a honor to be present at the fair with so many other amazing local organizations.  Some students were completely unaware of the Ludlam corridor that was just minutes from their homes, while some were already involved with our campaign and extremely supportive of our efforts. Special thanks to CLEO Club organizers Ms. Amy Leaonard and Ms. Shalla Sorensen.  We look forward to the next fair!

Congratulations, Eric!

Our secretary and co-founder Eric Tullberg was honored by the Urban Environment League last night for his many years of activism on behalf

Eric Tullberg was a founding member of Green Mobility Network and has served as its secretary almost from the start.
Eric Tullberg was a founding member of Green Mobility Network and has served as its secretary almost from the start.
of bicycling and walking.  He’s been creative, energetic, and industrious in his volunteer activity. We’ve said here before that Eric has bicycled every path south of Kendall Drive and a good number of the rest. Because of that he brings to his work with Green Mobility Network, as a member (and currently chairman) of the county’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and as an advisor to his village council, an unmatched depth of knowledge of needs and opportunities throughout the county. He richly deserves the UEL’s Orchid Award and we happily and heartily offer our congratulations.

We back Critical Mass — and safety

Green Mobility Network supports the Miami Critical Mass rides as being one of most important bellwethers of the rise of bicycle culture in Miami-Dade County. The rides have helped thousands of Miamians discover and enjoy bicycling, and that is a good thing. We hope everyone who participates in these rides will be considerate of all other road users. Wherever we ride, we should make safety our priority and courtesy our habit. Any rider who fails to do that obscures the fact that bicycling is a healthy activity that is good for the environment and a wholesome thing.

We urge city leaders to bring together all members of the bicycle community to engage in a constructive dialog that preserves what is special about the Critical Mass ride, while also ensuring public safety

Developer Plans to destroy M-Path rejected!

A land developer has pledged that any development on the lot at 401-405 LeJeune Road will not encroach upon the M-Path!


The section of the Path that has been protected.

At the May 27 meeting of BPAC, the developer rolled out proposals to build a bank with a drive-through on the lot, which would have  placed the flow of traffic directly onto the M-Path. GMN  was there to represent the thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians to demonstrate their opposition, with BPAC members making it clear that safety is a priority and that any encroachment upon the M-Path was unacceptable. Representatives of Green Mobility Network, Friends of the Greenlink, Bike/Walk Coral Gables, Run Club Network, and Bike SoMi voiced their opposition and reiterated that the community will fight any further intrusion upon the M-Path.

MP 214

The battle is not over yet, though! The developer will be re-appearing before BPAC in a month’s time. Although he has pledged to not encroach upon the M-Path, we have to stay vigilant and ensure that our safety is protected. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest news and important happenings with this story!