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Greenway Planners Seek Your Ideas

Planners working toward the proposed River of Grass Greenway, a cross-state path linking Miami and Naples, will be holding the first of a series of community workshops Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 at Edison State College in Naples (click for map). For a two-page flyer with workshop times and location details, click here. You can learn more about the project, and give feedback online, by visiting this site.

Crazy Guy on a Bike

Today while pedaling along Tigertail Ave. on my way to Coconut Grove, I came up behind a cyclist towing a heavily laden trailer. I spotted him several hundred feet away because the trailer had an orange safety flag waving from a tall pole. I slowed down as I pulled alongside, and as we biked into the Grove together he told me his story.

His name is Timothy Pitcher. Most of the year he lives in Lakeville, Maine. In early October he’d driven his truck to a town in Maryland just outside Washington with his bike, trailer, and equipment. Leaving the truck with a friend, he’d started on a 1,300-mile bike trip to Key West. He was a cheerful, ruddy-cheeked guy whom I took to be possibly a retiree. Who else would have the time for such a trip? But, no, he said. He’s an independent sales and marketing specialist. He carries a laptop and works in motels when he stops for the day. “My clients all read my blog,” he told me. “They envy me my freedom.”

You, too, can read Tim’s blog. It’s part of a website called–search for “Pitcher” as the key word. Or just click here to go straight to the journal of his current trip. It’s titled “Dixie Land Ramble.” The CrazyGuyOnABike website chronicles hundreds of bicycle trips throughout the world. If that doesn’t tickle your wanderlust, nothing will.

When we stopped in Center Grove, I got this shot of Tim and his rig. The whole setup weighs about 200 pounds.