Bike Valet

Chocolate Festival Bike Valet
Fans of major festivals at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden know our bike valet will be there to serve them.

Green Mobility Network is known for providing easy, secure, and complimentary bike valet parking for festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events, and more!

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Let us help draw more people to your event!

Too often events are plagued by lack of space for parking. In a fraction of the space that cars would use, we can handily park

Our valet tent at the Borscht Film Festival
Valet setup at the Intercontinental Hotel for the Borscht Film Festival.

hundreds of bikes, making it quick and easy for event-goers to avoid the hassles of parking. Providing bicycle valet at your next event will reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions and give people more transportation options.

The service includes one or more on-duty attendants to park and maintain bikes during the event, ensuring that bicycles and their accessories will not be stolen. Our mobile bike racks are set up in a convenient location to maximize visibility and ease of access, as well as security.  In 2013, we parked more than a thousand bikes at events including Critical Mass, the Deering Seafood Festival and major festivals at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. For some of our upcoming events, check out our Calendar of Events. Hire us and you hire an organization trusted by tens of thousands of Miamians.

Hire us for your bike valet needs

For reliable, secure and attended bicycle parking, contact our Bike Parking Coordinator at or 305-978-6426.


Valet Bike Parking F.A.Q.

How does it work?

We tag each bike with a unique ticket stub. People get a claim ticket and give us their bike.  After the event, they give us the stub and we give them their bike back. Simple and easy!

Why provide valet bicycle parking?

Why sit in traffic when you can enjoy a nice ride to your event? With Miami’s notorious car parking problems, GMN’s bike valet is a great way to enjoy your day without worrying about your bike’s safety. Bike valet encourages more people to get to your event by bicycle — bike valet is the secret to easy and guaranteed parking! When you offer bike valet you help attract more people to your event by giving them a secure place to park their bike.

Complete service saves you time and money

You could run your own bike valet, but why bother? Our service means no hassles for organizers. All you need to do is mention the service in your advertising, notify your staff, and supply us with a secure perimeter. We’ll do the rest– including set-up, take-down, and parking the bikes. Our service reduces cost for car lots and staff to direct traffic.

Thanks to Mack Cycle & Fitness, our generous sponsor of bike valet at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden since 2011.

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