About Us

Toward better bicycling, safer walking

Drawing on the passion and energy of volunteers and supporters, Green Mobility Network has carried out numerous efforts to make Miami-Dade County more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly.

Our focus is county-wide, and we are dedicated to building cooperative relationships among activists, community leaders, elected officials, civic leaders, and philanthropists. We began in 2005 as an informal group of grassroots advocates concerned about the dangers of bicycling and walking in Miami-Dade County and committed to making Miami-Dade a safer place for biking, walking, and running. In 2007 we established Green Mobility Network as a nonprofit corporation. We received tax-exempt, charitable status from the IRS in July 2008.


Since its inception Green Mobility Network has been at the forefront of advancing better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and policies around Miami-Dade. Either through the creation of a complete trail network, or the development of an active constituency of citizens through coalition building and programming we work toward the goal of making bicycling and walking a large part of our transportation network.

We started as an informal group of advocates who came together as part of the creation of the City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee in 2006 -7 and have since spawned 15 network-organizations and campaigns, held over 500 events, and impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of Miami-Dade residents.
We focus our efforts on three main areas. First is the advocacy of policies, and infrastructure that will get people out of
their cars, and on foot or bike. Research shows that people will only ride if we give them facilities that are protected from
traffic or off street entirely, so this is where we focus our efforts. When we started, there was very little bicycle pedestrian
planning happening at all, so that was our first task. (As an example, the City of Miami only passed its first bicycle plan in
2008!) Since then bicycle pedestrian planning has become commonplace, and our work has shifted toward ensuring that
the plans created lead to the greatest impact on the number of people who can ride and walk safely.

The second major focus of our efforts is in the creation of a connected network of greenways and trails. We have been at
the forefront of helping to create this network through our advocacy of major trails in Miami-Dade. We were the first organization to advocate for the M-Path (now the Underline), and we have had a ten year track record of work toward the 43-mile trail connecting the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. We also founded the Friends of Ludlam Trail, and have been the primary force behind the creation of this 6 mile greenway.

The third, and potentially most important part of our work is the creation of a constituency of citizens who ride and walk regularly for transportation, and the development of programming to support this constituency. As part of this task, we host regular bike rides, walking tours and other programming events that aim to mobilize people and expose them to the benefits of bicycling and walking. We provide complimentary bike valet services at major events around Miami-Dade, and host conferences and meetings around the subject of active transportation. Perhaps most importantly in our goal of
creating a constituency of people who desire better transportation choices, we help organize and act as fiscal sponsors for citizens and community groups working in the bicycle pedestrian space. We helped spawn Bike Walk Coral Gables, Bike SoMi, and Bike Key Biscayne, among many others. Our most recent work, the Miami-Dade Quickbuild Program, brings together our focus on infrastructure and constituency building by funding citizen built transportation infrastructure. Through the program we are coaching a new generation of transportation advocates around Miami Dade County.


Improving walking, bicycling, and living in Miami, Florida