Green Mobility Network Completes Inaugural Clean Sweep @ Snapper Creek

On January 10, 2016, Green Mobility Network completed its first ever Clean Sweep @ Snapper Creek ride and volunteer clean-up! Led by GMN members Eric Katz, Eric Tullberg and Dr. Matt Pollack of Miami Holistic Chiropractors, our group collected 5 bags worth of trash found scattered along the beautiful R. Hardy Matheson Preserve. While we were cleaning, there was a another gentlemen bike rider who saw us working and  took a break to join in on the clean-up!

1.10.15This was a great day of service and another way to help raise awareness about Miami’s beautiful trail network.  Let’s all do our part to keep these amazing Miami places clean and safe for all of us to enjoy and appreciate.  We’ll be back for another clean-up soon, and we hope you will join us! Special thanks to Miami Holistic Chiropractors for sponsoring coffee and snacks and Miami Dade County for disposing our trash!