2017 Biscayne – Everglades Greenway Ride

Join Green Mobility Network and Everglades Bike Club as we host the 10th annual Biscayne Everglades Greenway ride!

Route Map:


The parking area for the ride will be at the east gate of the Homestead Sports Complex, just prior to the lake on Alex Muxo Blvd., between SW 152 Av. & SW 142 Av.  The ride will depart from the HSC to the path, just north of Palm Dr.

Bike Parking at Biscayne National Park:

 Registration is from 8:00 am – 8:45 am.  Ride begins at 9:00 am and can last all day depending on the speed of the rider. The route will be from HSC to BNP to ENP & return to HSC via SR 9336.

The full 42 mi. course will require long stretches on frequently traveled rural roads: riders should not attempt unless they can safely ride in traffic.  The shorter courses (22 & 14) mi.

Turn by Turn of the ride for each distance can be found below.

42 Mile route

22 Mile Route

14 Mile Route

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