WHEELS T-Minus 24 Hours!

Miami is about to embark on an innovative mega-event coined as WHEELS.  For the next 5 days, Miamians will be challenged to leave their combustion-powered vehicles in the driveway, and move about their day utilizing their feet, bicycle or one of the many public transit options available such as metro rail, metro mover, tri rail, trolley or bus.


The overall objective of the event is to show the general public that, It’s not that bad… and it’s not that hard to move about the city without a car.  All one has to do is learn the basic principals of our transportation network, and then take oneself out on a real world test spin. What the WHEELS team is willing to bet on, is that you would be surprised how easy, and dare we say, fun, it actually is to move without a car.  While challenges regarding Miami’s current mobility and accessibility do exist, there are many positives that don’t get enough attention.

WHEELS aims to clear up the confusion, and educate locals to have a  solid understanding of Greater Miami’s regional greenway network such as the East Coast Greenway,  encompassing the The Underline and South Dade Trail, and  the connecting regional trails such as the Ludlam Trail, Plan Z Rickenbacker Park and many more.   If you were ever curious about what it would feel like to use transit or simply walk to work, now is the time to test that experiment! Group ride leaders and transit savvy volunteers will be readily available to make your experience stress free. We encourage everyone to review the comprehensive schedule of activities and join in on a run, ride, walk or hike along Miami’s vast and fascinating metropolis.

For those who want to ride and learn, group rides such as the Miami Magical History Tour will explain how early Miami’s roots actually do have a strong lineage with bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. Or maybe you want to learn more about how our greenways preserve and restore  native  eco-systems, in which Sam Van Leer tours hikers off the beaten path of the palatial and mysterious Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. In addition to interactive activities, be inspired by fascinating talks given by some of the nation’s leaders in multi-modal infrastructure projects including Ryan Gravel, champion of the Atlanta Belt-line project!

To help get you pumped, check out the latest promo video proudly sponsored by Green Mobility Network!

Many thanks to the City of South Miami, Miami-Dade County and the entire WHEELS network of volunteers, partners, sponsors and core leadership team including Victor Dover, Herb Hiller, Mari Chael , Meg Daly, Sue Kawalerski and many more!