Plan Z Rickenbacker Park Gains Momentum

plan z

Plan Z, also known as Rickenbacker Park, is becoming a major conversation in Miami-Dade County. From Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne, thousands of runners, walkers, cyclists and tri-athletes consider this stretch of road to be the mecca training ground of South Florida. Unfortunately, the road has also claimed the lives of numerous cyclists tragically killed by drivers  who failed to properly share the road.

Plan Z, introduced by Bernard Zyscovich,  offers a bold and inspiring solution for transforming the road into a beautiful linear park that would keep runners, walkers and bicyclists separated from cars that are often traveling at speeds beyond 55 mph.  Eli Stiers, local bike/ped. advocate (and Green Mobility board member), stated the following at a recent public hearing, “I believe we are at a tipping point in our community, and the time to act is now.  As a community we’ve done our part, we’ve rewritten hit-and-run laws, we’ve volunteered, we’ve sent letters and signed petitions, and we’ve mobilized behind projects like this and others.  We need the City to become our partners to help encourage our friends at Miami-Dade County to make Plan Z for Miami, and the idea of Rickenbacker Park, become reality.”

Rickenbacker Park, like the Ludlam Trail, Underline and Miami River Greenway will transform the Greater Miami landscape.  Most exciting is that all these trails and greenways interconnect, leaving the possibility of Miami one day becoming a national leader in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and network connectivity! For more information about Plan Z, click here.