Save the Date for WHEELS

From November 11-15, the City of South Miami will be hosting WHEELS, a unique 5-day event meant to galvanize the community

WHEELS: Advancing Florida's mobility future.
Details of Wheels events will be posted on our calendar as they’re firmed up.

and help advance Florida’s mobility future.  Within this time frame, the goal is to get 10,000 people on bike, trails and transit, including 1,000 visitors from out of town.  The event also shines light on the East Coast Greenway (ECG), a bold initiative that seeks to connect Florida and Maine with one continuous biking and walking trail.  Miami’s major segment of the ECG is the 10 mile M-Path, soon to become The Underline linear park.

On June 30, WHEELS chairman Victor Dover, above right, led an opening discussion with local biking advocates to begin coordinating a comprehensive program of group rides along the ECG and neighboring trails to be hosted during WHEELS.  Everything from road bike rides to mountain bike rides and everything in between is fair game for WHEELS.  Stay tuned for more information about WHEELS as the event approaches.  If you are a ride organizer and would like to participate in WHEELS be sure to contact them at  You should also visit their website and “Like” them on Facebook.