Florida Bill Would Improve State’s SunTrail Network


Senate Bill 7054 will soon be presented to the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee.  This bill would create the SunTrail Network of bicycle/pedestrian trails and require that the Florida Department of Transportation put $50 million a year into development of the network.  Half that money would come from a new motor vehicle registration fee of $225 and half from transportation funds already being collected.

Except for Overseas Heritage Trail through the Florida Keys, the state has ignored trail needs in South Florida. Thus it’s notable that the Senate staff analysis of the bill says, on page 6: “Based on an analysis of comparable trails from across the country, the construction of Miami-Dade County’s Ludlam Trail will increase property values within a half mile of the trail 0.32 to 0.73 percent faster than other properties throughout the county. This translates into a total property value increase over a 25-year period of $121 million to $282 million.”

Green Mobility will be actively promoting the passage of this bill scheduled to be presented on June 1.   SB 7054 can be viewed here.

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