Miami-Dade Ranked 4th-Most Dangerous Metro Area for Pedestrians

Anyone who has to commute in Miami-Dade County knows how hazardous it can be for pedestrians. I myself have had many close calls while biking, and I’m sure our readers have dozens of tales of accidents, near-misses, and other scares (tell us about yours in the comments!). However, a new report released by Smart Growth America adds statistical backing to these anecdotes, showing us just how dangerous navigating the County can be, and underlining the need for safe reform.

The report (available here) calculated the share of local commuters who walk or bike to work, as well as the past 5 years’ traffic fatality data, to determine the most dangerous metro areas, and it appears that Florida has some real work to do: the top 4 most dangerous regions in the nation were Orlando, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

This is more than an issue of convenience; its an issue of safety and of life and death. This report spells out what most of us already know: that the city of Miami needs more pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, including dedicated space, improved sight lines and visibility, measures to reduce vehicle speed at busy crossings, and appropriate traffic controls in order to keep all of us safe. It is important to remember that these steps would not only protect pedestrians, but also motorists who are put into compromising situations due to inadequate infrastructure.

We at Green Mobility Network urge you to voice your discontent! Call up your local elected official and let him/her know that you were disappointed upon reading of this report, and encourage them to build a safer city for all of us!