Pushback Against Hit-and-Run Growing

Ever since a Miami-Dade judge ordered a puny jail sentence for the hit-and-run driver who killed bicyclist Aaron Cohen on the Rickenbacker Causeway, a movement has been growing to more effectively punish drivers who flee the scene of a car crash.

The movement got a high-profile boost this week when Miami-Dade Commissioner Jose Diaz called for the Florida Legislature to set stiff mandatory prison sentences for hit-and-run. Just such a goal is the aim of an ad hoc committee convened by Dr. Michelina Witte, a triathlete who teaches in the University of Miami’s Sport Sciences Department. Witte’s group, including Cohen’s riding buddy Enda Walsh, set to work within days of Judge William Thomas’s handing down a 364-day jail term for Michele Traverso on January 17.

The Diaz resolution is on the County Commission’s preliminary agenda for Tuesday morning. We expect a commissioner or two at our Rocafort Memorial Ride this morning, so be sure and mention this when you see ’em. We’ll update this post if the item is postponed from Tuesday’s meeting. Meanwhile, you can follow the project on Twitter @FixLSA — as well as here.