Key Biscayne Bicyclists Organize Around Rickenbacker Safety, Meet with Mayor Frank Caplan

In response to a recent resolution passed by the Key Biscayne Village Council, two Key Biscayne residents who are bicycle advocates, Cristina Ramirez and Hank Sanchez-Resnik, met with Key Biscayne Mayor Frank Caplan on Sept. 15 to discuss the resolution and ways to make cycling safer on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Ramirez is a triathlete, the mother of two young children, and a preschool teacher on Key Biscayne. Sanchez-Resnik is a co-founder and the current chairman of Green Mobility Network.

The Village Council resolution, adopted on August 28, called for a means to separate bicyclists from motorists and included a suggestion that if the cost of such an improvement proved to be an obstacle, consideration should be given to charging bicyclists a toll to ride on the Causeway. That proposal in particular has led to widespread criticism within the bicycling community.

Mayor Caplan, himself a frequent bicyclist, said he does not favor the idea of a toll. He is concerned, however, about the safety of bicyclists on the Rickenbacker, and he said he wants to focus on safety improvements that will be carried out in the coming months, not in the distant future. As mayor of Key Biscayne, he said, he also must take into account the needs of village residents for whom the Rickenbacker is the sole vehicular access to the island village.

Ramirez and Sanchez-Resnik have made a commitment to work closely with Mayor Caplan, the Village Council, and others in the bicycling community to monitor safety improvements for the Rickenbacker that will take the needs of all users of the roadway into account. A meeting of Key Biscayne residents who are also regular bicyclists has been scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 22, at 3 p.m.

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