County Commissioner Reconsiders Resolution that Would Be Bad for Bicycling

Under pressure from the local bicycling community, County Commissioner Rebecca Sosa (District 6)  is reconsidering a resolution that has serious implications for future bicycle improvements not just in Miami-Dade County but statewide. (See previous blog post.)

After learning about the resolution at the end of last week, Green Mobility Network sent out an action alert through a variety of online and social media networks during the Labor Day weekend. Other local cycling and advocacy groups soon joined in spreading the alert. The county commissioners came to work after the Labor Day weekend to a bombardment of e-mails protesting the resolution and demanding its removal from the meeting agenda. Meanwhile, the meeting was postponed from Sept. 4 to Sept. 6.

In response to the outpouring of protest, Commissioner Sosa sent the following reply. We’ll continue to provide updates on this important story as it progresses.

Commissioner Sosa’s Reply

I would like to thank the cycling community for expressing their opinions and concerns about this item that is of importance to all the residents of Miami-Dade, as many of us rely or know of someone who relies on bicycles as a means of transport and/or recreation. My intent in sponsoring this resolution was not to prevent bike lanes from being created. On the contrary, I support and embrace establishing bike lanes Countywide. I acted out of concern for the safety of cyclists, particularly on SW 57 AVE from SW 8 ST to SW 24 ST, where customers of businesses along this stretch of road back their cars directly onto SW 57 AVE. I am concerned that this would create an unsafe environment for cyclists. Additionally, I sought greater cooperation between FDOT, Miami-Dade County, and Municipalities to make sure we create an atmosphere where bike lanes continue to be encouraged while ensuring safety.

In light of your concerns, I am requesting this item be temporarily deferred to ensure nothing in this item will negatively impact the cycling community. Your opinions are always welcome.

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa
Miami-Dade County, District 6