Our New Website is Live!

Today, August 31, 2012, marks the beginning of a new era for Green Mobility Network’s communications and outreach. Since our organization was launched in 2007 our website has gone through several phases. Because our resources were extremely limited, we were not able to do many of the things with the website we wanted to do. We’re grateful to the many volunteers who have helped with the website over the years. Now, thanks to a grant from Clear Channel Communications facilitated by City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff (Dist. 2), we’ve been able to pay a web developer to create an entirely new format for the website that gives us much more flexibility and opportunities for creativity than ever before.

Check it out now. We welcome your suggestions about ways to improve it—or any other comments you have about the work we’re doing. Just go to the “Contact Us” tab on the top navigation bar.

We’re confident the new website, combined with our stepped-up Facebook and Twitter activity, will help us do a better job of fulfilling our basic mission: to advocate to make Miami-Dade County a safer and more enjoyable place to bike, run, and walk.

While you’re visiting our new website, don’t forget that you can join Green Mobility Network now if you’re not a member or donate to help us advance our work if you are a member. You can do both through online payment through PayPal.