Please tell Gov. Scott: Don’t opt out of Recreational Trails funding

Dear friends of Green Mobility Network,

Well, we finally got a federal transportation bill passed, and one good feature is that states and localities get more say about how to use their share of transportation dollars.  That’s a two-sided coin, though, because the law allows a governor to totally opt out of spending any federal aid on the long-successful Recreational Trails program. In Florida that program has been a huge help on trails such as the mountain-bike facility at Miami-Dade County’s Amelia Earhart Park.  If we ever get to build the Ludlam Trail, a fond dream for many of us, Recreational Trails is where we’d apply for help.

We clearly don’t want to see Recreational Trails shut down.  Please urge Gov. Rick Scott today to leave the program alone and let the money be used as Congress intended.  He has only until Sept. 1 to act, so don’t delay in letting him know that you like trails and want to see more of them built in Florida. They’re the most economical investment I can think of to help all of us — and our visitors — enjoy our state’s climate and natural beauty.

Here’s where to write the governor.