A key element of our work throughout Miami-Dade County is to raise awareness about the issues relevant to our mission and goals. We do this through a variety of activities that include:

  • Educational materials and information about Green Mobility Network, our accomplishments, and our continuing work.
  • Monitoring of city and county commissions and advisory bodies that make decisions about the safety of our streets and the livability of our communities.
  • Regular news and information updates through our website, our social networks, and our e-newsletter.
  • Information and awareness-raising activities through our SafeStreetsMiami campaign.
  • Outreach to parents and educators through our Safe Routes to School project.

Part of our mission is to transform the culture of Great Miami so bicyclists, pedestrians, runners, and others who cannot afford or choose not to drive will have an experience of greater safety and respect on our streets. We accept that this is a big challenge. With the help of our members, supporters, and donors, we’re ready to take it on.