Safe Routes To School

We invite parents, teachers, school administrators, and neighborhood leaders to work with us to enable children to get to school by bicycling, walking, and othernonmotorized means safely and conveniently.

News Updates

JUNE 2012
Green Mobility Network has been awarded a grant for its Safe Routes to School project by the Miami Foundation. The grant period begins July 1, 2012 and continues for one year. We’re looking for teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and neighbors who want to work with us and learn together how to create safer streets and neighborhoods where kids can walk and bike to school without danger. Please click on “Contact” and send us a message if you have ideas, suggestions, or information about people we should get in touch with. To send the message, please select the “Safe Routes to School” drop-down menu in the “category” box.

Oct. 9, 2013
Get ready for Walk to School Day . Check out this easy-to-use planning guide for a 7-day WTSD event.

The Map-a-Route website can help you plan safe routes to school for walking and biking.