Board protects Wynwood sidewalks

Miami’s Planning & Zoning Appeals Board rejected the city’s request to rezone a Midtown site where Wal-Mart wants to build a 24-hour superstore. You can read the Miami Herald report — and lively comments — by clicking here.  Our earlier report follows.

Aerial map of Wal-Mart's Wynwood site

Pedestrian safety and convenience in the Wynwood and Midtown neighborhoods would be affected by Wal-Mart’s request to accommodate a new store off NE 29th Street. The retailer wants to narrow the tree-shaded Miami Avenue sidewalks and median just west of its building site so its supply trucks can more easily reach the planned store. And it wants to be excused from a zoning ordinance that prohibits putting the store’s loading bays on the Miami Avenue side.

With the proposed design, the pedestrian-oriented character in the Midtown area may survive a constant crawl of semi-trucks delivering consumable products. However, forcing trucks to use North Miami Avenue will place a hard boundary between the residential parts of Wynwood and the many shops and apartments in Midtown. Pedestrian access to Midtown will become as difficult as walking to Dadeland Mall from nearby homes in Pinecrest or Kendall. The proposed changes were shown to neighbors July 9 at a meeting in Roberto Clemente Park. City Planning & Zoning Director Francisco Garcia has called a second meeting for Monday, July 16, at the park’s Dorothy Quintana Community Center, 101 NW 34th St. The time is 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.



One thought on “Board protects Wynwood sidewalks”

  1. I wonder why Walmart doesn’t consider a site in Liberty City. So many people complain they can’t find cheap “food” in Liberty City, Walmart would be the ultimate fit. And they could be closer to I-95, making it more convenient both for their trucks and shoppers from other areas. I’d say the same thing about Overtown, but the land there is probably way too expensive (as it probably is in Midtown).

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