Share the road, share the sidewalk

Sharing is meant to be a two-way behavior. The writer of the note here understands it very well. Hers is the kind of awareness that we hope to build through the SafeStreetsMiami campaign. The note is shortened slightly and the author’s name left out by request.


Just thought I would contact your organization regarding the tension between cyclists and pedestrians.  I have been in both circumstances being nearly run over by a cyclist on the sidewalk/paths and no warning they were coming as a pedestrian.


Today I encountered a jogger in Pinecrest while I was cycling west on the sidewalk along SW 111th/112th Street or Killian.  I used my bell to alert him of my approach as he was not wearing earbuds.  When I was not certain he heard the bell I politely warned “bike on your right” as he sort of moved to the left.  However, as I proceeded to pass him he intentionally pushed me and I fell off my bike and was then called a bitch. As always I was wearing a helmet.


I was not able to avoid this jogger by leaving the sidewalk for the road. There was a car present and we would have collided . . . I try to avoid the roads due to the many unfortunate incidents that have occurred recently with cyclists and cars.


Your organization has done wonderful things in this community such as the wonderful bridge over the Snapper Creek Expressway which I regularly use. I try to bike as much as I can for errands, which helps to limit my carbon footprint.


While there needs to be better education of motorists to share the road, it seems like cyclists and pedestrians, too, need some education.  . . . Maybe your organization can bring some attention to these issues as well.











2 thoughts on “Share the road, share the sidewalk”

  1. Normally I get targeted by people in cars. I think they feel like they are protected from me doing something back to them because they can keep going, and I won’t recognize them. I don’t care about ignorant comments, but loose change to the back can be quite painful when thrown from a car going 40. Frankley, I am amazed that this guy did something that brazen to you.

    Fortunately, those types of people are the small minority. Most cars go by without bother and I bet many people probably wish they were biking with you. As for pedestrians, I bet many of them would rather be biking too…

    Brandon T.

  2. When I’m bicycling the South Dade Trail and a faster rider comes along behind me, I almost never hear a warning. It’s startling sometimes but I’ve grown to expect it. That certainly reminds me to ride to the right and, if I need to go left to avoid debris, to look over my shoulder.

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