Bustos aims for bicycle education

Tim BustosTim Bustos, new executive director of the Florida Bicycle Association, called for better education of cyclists and other Floridians as he greeted an attentive crowd last Friday during our happy hour at The Grove Spot. “One reason Europeans have lower crash rates is because they integrate bicycle education into the school system,” he said. “It’s reading, writing, arithmetic — and riding.

“Most cyclists in this country have never been taught how to safely ride in traffic. And it’s not just cyclists. Most drivers don’t know that cyclists are legal users of the roads. We’ve got to do a better job educating motorists.”

Bustos encouraged his listeners not to count on education alone. “We also need to do a better job of encouragement,” he said. “We need to make bicycling more fun. We need more members for Green Mobility Network and for the Florida Bicycle Association.”

With growth in mind, we’re announcing a special membership deal that lasts through the end of July: Anyone joining Green Mobility now will get a first-year membership in the FBA for no extra fee. Just send in your check — $35 for an individual membership or $50 for a family — and mention that you want the two-for-one offer. Include your postal address and preferred phone number and e-mail. (Relax, we don’t sell or share ’em!)