Cheering for the M-Path

Top eight reasons Green Mobility Network is cheering the M-Path Extension:

  • It fills a significant gap between the M-Path and the South Dade Trail and will create a continuous 30-mile paved path between Florida City and downtown Miami,
  • improves access to two rail transit stations, Dadeland South and Dadeland North (including the Dadeland Station transit-oriented development),
  • provides good construction jobs,
  • it’s putting federal economic stimulus funds to work,
  • will provide clean, healthy and sustainable travel options,
  • is part of the downtown Kendall master plan,
  • is part of the East Coast Greenway Network,
  • is a Rails-to-Trails project, and
  • shows that FDOT is a partner in improving conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians.

These offered up by David Henderson, the bicycle-pedestrian coordinator at the Metropolitan Planning Organization. You’re invited to follow and comment on the project’s progress here at Complete the M-Path, our original Facebook advocacy page.