Head off a raid on bike-pedestrian funds

This week Florida must come up with $113 million from unspent federal transportation aid and send it back to Washington to help put laid-off teachers back to work. If this “rescission” goes like those of recent years, the money is likely to come from Transportation Enhancements funds, the federal aid that pays for most of the bike and pedestrian facilities installed around the state.  (Not that there are many such facilities, but that’s another day’s discussion.)  Today, we’re calling on you to prevent a raid on Transportation Enhancement in this round of rescissions.

Please write today to Gov. Crist at Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com and Secretary Kopelousos at fdot@dot.state.fl.us.  Feel free to make your own argument, but at least tell them, “Don’t raid Transportation Enhancements.”

Or, if you prefer, sign our petition at change.org. The petition reached 100 names about midnight — and it’s still growing. Won’t you tell your friends about it today?

This is not a case of education vs. bike-ped facilities. The rescission is going to be carried out. The question at hand is what transportation money gets sent back. It’s our opinion that we have enough highways and not enough sidewalks and bike paths.