Road users resisting hasty HB971

From around the state there’s a growing number of calls for Gov. Crist to veto HB971, that grab-bag of road legislation that includes a handful of troublesome mandates along with several innocuous ones. As of noon today, the governor’s office had received 1,190 calls, letters and e-mails opposing the bill, and 54 in favor of it.  It wasn’t on Crist’s desk yet, but may be any day. Then he has two weeks to make up his mind.

The bill caught bike-walk advocates by surprise. Resistance began last week, when someone in Orlando spotted the requirement that cyclists use bike lanes where they exist. Then someone read the whole 81 pages and found it would change current law that prevents a four-time DUI offender from ever getting a driver license again. (The offender could drive again by putting a breath-tester on his car’s ignition.)

Those are just two of the troublesome parts. For more, see Spokes ‘n’ Folks — and to better understand the bike-lane thing see Mighk Wilson’s post at Commute Orlando.

The governor’s office phone is (850) 488-7146 and his e-mail is