Calls for veto of HB971 are growing

The more we learn about the catch-all HB971 that awaits Gov. Crist’s signature or veto, the more the bill stinks. We need to use whatever influence we have to make sure this bill is vetoed.  The governor’s office phone is (850) 488-7146 and his e-mail is

Mighk Wilson, former head of the Florida Bicycle Association, sounded the alarm yesterday over the provision that bicyclists must use bike lanes wherever they exist. As savvy cyclists all know, a rider needs to be free to avoid bike lanes when her safety requires it. Other parts of this 81-page bill are potentially even worse.

  • How about the part allowing a county or a village to authorize golf carts on paths that were built for walkers and bicyclists?
  • How about the part letting someone with four DUI convictions legally take the wheel again, if he installs a certain device on his car’s ignition? The St. Petersburg TV station WTSP explains where that came from.
  • Then there’s the new exception to Florida law against smoked car windows, so yet another class of drivers will be hidden from the view of my daughter and your grandpa looking for clues as to whether it’s safe to cross the street.

Every member of the Florida Legislature ought to be ashamed and embarrassed that something like this sailed through.  Don’t they read the bills they’re voting on? Surely there is one member who would have seen the folly of this mess if he or she had only read it. But on the floor of the House and the floor of the Senate, nobody voted no.

2 thoughts on “Calls for veto of HB971 are growing”

  1. You people base your OPINIONS on what you think or feel but you don’t bother to look up any statistics concerning any of this. educate yourselves before you open your mouths or veto perfectly good legislation. Similar bike laws and DUI laws in other states have had extremely notable success rates.

  2. Glad to see mention of this here, John.

    That said, I also urge everyone to email and call the governor’s office.

    Contacting Crist is EXTREMELY important: So far, there have been only about 200 calls and e-mails since sent to the governor’s office. We need at least 2500 to have a realistic chance of having it vetoed.


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