Ludlam Trail finds friends at Florida Bike Summit

Our treasurer and board member Tom Blazejack reports from Tallahassee:

"Had a good day at the Florida Bike Summit yesterday.  Met with Reps. Robaina and Bush.  Also met with staff of Lopez-Cantera, Steinberg and Bullard.  Big announcement was reestablishment of the Bike/Ped Council [to advise the state Department of Transportation].  Robaina was instrumental in that and he wants to get movement on the Ludlam Trail."

The Ludlam Trail, you may recall, is proposed to reach from near Dadeland to the south side of Miami International Airport. It's been a dream of many cyclists for two decades to build this trail along an unused railroad right-of-way. Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation recently unveiled a beautiful conceptual design for the trail.

One thought on “Ludlam Trail finds friends at Florida Bike Summit”

  1. The Ludlam Trail is an idea which downtown Kendall, Dadeland Mall, and the Marriott and Hampton Inn hotels should get behind. Dadeland Mall has a taxi stand because people fly into Miami to shop and many of them come straight to Dadeland Mall, making it one of the most successful retail malls in America and they stay at the Marriott. A park and ride to the airport, or a continual shuttle back and forth would be good not only for business but would reduce congestion in Kendall and solve the parking and congestion problems at MIA. It could also serve as a transportation link for the many apartment dwellers in the area. It would be cheaper than building out the Metrorail and could be done a lot faster.

    Seems to me this is a win-win all around. Has anyone tried to get together all the entities that could benefit from this?

    Kathy Hersh

    Kathy Hersh

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