Organize for the sake of cycling, walking

Jim Sayer, of Adventure Cycling Association Adventure Cycling leader Jim Sayer challenged a roomful of members and other cyclists last night to join the push for Congress to make bicycling and walking a higher priority in the next national transportation bill. While his group and others are busy in Washington, he said it’s local groups such as Green Mobility Network and the Florida Bicycle Association that are best able to awaken members of the House and Senate.

Sayer shared an exciting vision for the proposed U.S. Bicycle Route System, saying that the time is right to start building it. “I think cycling will just keep on growing and growing,” he said. The economy, people’s changing ideas about their health and concern for the environment — all add up to make this the time to give bicycling the same attention it’s getting in Quebec, in Britain and in much of continental Europe.

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  1. julia here. Making a walkable community can contribute significantly to saving energy on transportation. It's often a short route from a pedestrian friendly community to a bicycle friendly one. Much more should be done to promote pedestrian safety and bicycle safety through design of so-called complete streets.

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