State plans aid for walkers in Upper Eastside

A small but lively group of Upper Eastsiders turned out last night to hear Florida Department of Transportation plans for improved walker safety on Biscayne Boulevard between Morningside and NE 77th Street.

Proposals include: –Refuge islands for pedestrians at 72nd Street
–New signs and pavement markings
–Retiming pedestrian signals
–Restriping crosswalks to be more uniform
–Other traffic controls to aid crossing the street
–Moving four bus stops closer to an intersection
I lived in this neighborhood for several years, and it’s good to see the keen attention residents are giving to the appearance and function of their most visible street. As a couple of people observed last night, though, it appeared to me that DOT is more interested in how many cars per hour can pass down the boulevard than in how easily or safely walkers or bicyclists can navigate. And I was taken aback by how many signs DOT aims to hang in that stretch of Biscayne; with that much sign clutter, won’t drivers tend to tune out the warnings?

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