Cyclists win three efforts at Miami City Hall

Green Mobility Network fielded a three-member tag team Thursday as the Miami City Commission passed three pro-bicycle proposals. The commission voted 3-0 for Miami’s first Bicycle Master Plan, advanced a bike parking resolution to second reading by 4-0, and, by the same vote, agreed to an early start on building mountain bike trails on Virginia Key.

I spoke briefly for the landmark Master Plan, calling it a big step toward establishing that, in Miami, the streets are for all the people.

Commissioner Mark Sarnoff broke a logjam over Virginia Key, where the Sierra Club and the Urban Environment League sought further study of a pared-down plan for developing this last natural jewel on Biscayne Bay. The vote was to defer all development decisions on the Key until May 2010 — except to begin now building mountain bike trails on North Point.  A proposed BMX course is to be excluded under the 4-0 commission vote.