Waterfront board calls for bike trails

The Miami Waterfront Advisory Board called for city planners to restore mountain bike trails and a small BMX course to the Virginia Key Master Plan, which goes to the City Commission for approval on Thursday. The trails had been removed from the plan along with several parking garages and other features that drew heated objection from environmental groups.

Monday, none of the environmentalists at the advisory board objected to the bike trails, only asking that they be kept separate from footpaths. Green Mobility Network and others endorsed mountain biking as healthy recreation and called for putting the trails back in the plan. 

The plan underwent heavy revision after its June debut, but only in the past few days had the general public gotten a look at the changes, reported by Andres Viglucci in Monday’s Miami Herald

The greatest changes in the current plan were the omission of several garages and a conference center and a reduction in the proposed shopping facility. Most of the speakers commended those changes, and none objected.  Several called for further study of the plan, but board chairwoman Wendy Kamilar said the plan needs to go through in order to raise money for improving Virginia Key. The board unanimously recommended approval, subject to these and some other changes.