M-Path ride a congenial morning

M-Path riders at the riverside turnaroundSeveral newcomers joined a handful of Green Mobility regulars for last weekend's M-Path ride from Coral Gables to the Miami River and back. The path was in much better shape than on the last ride a month earlier, though we found broken pavement near Metrorail's Coconut Grove station that still needs repair. There also are plenty of places between Douglas Road and Vizcaya where the edge of the path has eroded or been broken by motor vehicles.



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    The new Virginia Key MASTER plan does not include mountain bike trails or A bmx course. if the cycling community wants a facility in miami they need to be heard over the environmentalists that want no activities!!! CYCLING IS THE GREENEST TRANSPORTATION AND THIS WILL GET KIDS OUTSIDE IN NATURE BEING PYSICALLY ACTIVE.
    see schedule of public events and hearings this week… CITY COMMISSION ON THURSDAY!!! please circulate immediately…
    Virginia Key unveils scaled-back face-lift
    Three months after withdrawing a proposed plan for a makeover of ecologically rich Virginia Key, the city will introduce a pared-down version.
    Virginia Key plan faces review
    The city of Miami’s ambitious blueprint for turning much-abused Virginia Key into a natural and recreational jewel will limp into a critical planning-board review Wednesday after facing intense fire from critics, who say it contains too much concrete and too little green.
    Among the critics: the city’s Waterfront Advisory Board, which in an unusual display of unanimity last week voted 9-0 against recommending approval of the plan to the city commission. The vote would have been 11-0 had two members not left the hearing early.
    Angry and disappointed parks activists, environmentalists, rowers and boaters who had backed the city’s planning effort — hoping it would lead to the conversion of most of the environmentally degraded island into a mostly green recreational park — say they hope for a repeat of the ”no” vote at the Planning Advisory Board hearing Wednesday evening.
    Gone are the proposed mountain-bike and BMX trails, along with the spa building, the corporate retreat center, the aquatic center and most — though not all — of the hulking parking garages that gave critics of the Virginia Key master plan fits.
    A significantly pared-down blueprint for the battered but ecologically rich island’s makeover is now set for review Monday by the city’s waterfront advisory board, before a Thursday vote at the city commission.

    Miami mayor carves ambitious path for new bikeways

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    On his way out of office, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz aims to leave the city’s long-bereft cyclists two reasons to be happy this week.

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