Walk to school, bike to school — both part of healthy growth

Green Mobility Network supports Safe Routes to School and International Walk to School Day (Oct. 7, 2009). Safe Routes to School is a national movement to promote healthy and safe ways of getting children to school that involve physical activity, such as walking and bicycling. A major annual landmark in the movement is the International Walk to School Day, which will be held this year on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Safe Routes to School is an important priority for Green Mobility Network. We’re looking for parents of school-age children who would like to work with us to get Safe Routes to School activities started at their schools—for this year or next year. We can provide you with information and support to make your efforts successful, and we’re in touch with parents and organizations that are already making Safe Routes to School a reality in Miami-Dade.

If you’d like help and encouragement raising this question at your child’s school, please call Dina Weinstein at 786-246-0644. For information about the national Safe Routes to School Movement, check out these websites:

Also take a look at Why Can’t She Walk to School? — a thoughtful and very helpful article in the New York Times. Parental thinking in New York’s suburbs isn’t much different from that here in South Florida.