Cell phones a menace in drivers’ hands

Every jogger or cyclist I have talked to lately has a tale about a close call with a motorist either talking on a cell phone or, incredibly, using it for text-messaging. Accident reports make it increasingly clear that the cell phone is a dangerous distraction to any driver — and several times worse when the driver is trying to read or write a text message.  In a driver's hands, a smart phone is just plain stupid.

Green Mobility Network is pleased to see that state Sen. Frederica Wilson is again attempting to get a Florida law passed to forbid cell-phone use by drivers, and has offered a parallel bill to ban texting at the wheel.  When we have seen the bills and learned more about them, we'll share with you.

Meanwhile, the National Safety Council is campaigning nationwide to raise public awareness about this reckless use of cell phones.  Each of us can support that right now.  Let's break our own cell habits.  We know some of us are guilty.  Then make it clear to our family, friends and associates that we don't tolerate taking this kind of risk with the lives of the traveling public.