Online mag shows NYC’s bike-friendly makeover

Price Tags is an online publication created by Vancouver city planner Gordon Price. Traveling the world with his camera and computer, he has documented cities’ transformations from Portland to Paris to Vancouver. Now he’s showing us how New York has done it, becoming one of the leading “post-Motordom” cities of the world. Yes, New York, which, until recently, was the model of car-orientation (a model that never worked well). New York’s leadership, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the forefront, has made the transformation of the city into a bicyclists’ almost-paradise a major goal. It’s not perfect yet, but, as Price shows in the current issue, it’s getting there fast, with miles of bike lanes and dedicated paths, not to mention great ideas, being added every year.


Noteworthy in New York’s success has been the presence of a strong advocacy group, Transportation Alternatives. Without such local advocacy, leaders who want to create change have a tougher time. They need to show that large numbers of people support change—because large numbers are bound to resist it. That’s another important reason to join Green Mobility Network now (you can do it by clicking on the yellow button to the right on this page) and build our numbers and our strength.</p>


<p>The coolest thing about Price Tags is it was created to be read online. Printing it out would be costly and cumbersome—but online it’s a visual treat, filled with photos, maps, and links. Click here to enjoy it.</p>


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  1. Great idea! I will try to get my non-active friends to come take a brisk walk, or even attempt a jog. It hasn't worked yet, but it won't stop me from trying! I am really due for a physical too….UGH!

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