We’re officially 2 years old; time to join!

Traffic and other facts of urban life frighten thousands of Miami-area residents so much that they never venture far from home by bike or on foot. Green Mobility Network is working to change that. Your help and support are essential.

You are needed NOW as a member of Green Mobility Network. This summer Green Mobility won a $30,000 matching grant from Planet Bike and the Alliance for Biking and Walking to support our programs and help us build our capacity.  Because it's a matching grant, your support will be matched dollar for dollar until we hit the target.

The grant will help us:

  • Carry out our Complete the M-Path campaign — advocating for and monitoring the completion and improvement of the nine-mile greenway between downtown Miami and Dadeland.
  • Enlarge Green Mobility, hire our first executive director and extend our reach.
  • Support and encourage other local efforts such as Walk/Bike to School Day and bicycle safety education for primary school children.

Now in our third year as a nonprofit group, we have a record of many successes and the goal of making all Miami-Dade County a healthier, more livable community. Our volunteers gave new life, energy and meaning to bicycle advocacy in greater Miami. Because we asked the right questions in the right places, county and city governments here are beginning to change their view — and their plans — regarding walkers, runners and bicyclists.

Green Mobility has done a lot with a handful of volunteers. We're confident that as our numbers grow we'll be many times more effective in making active personal mobility a daily part of life throughout Miami-Dade County. Please, click the yellow "subscribe" button at the left and join up. Or, use the "contact" menu at the top of the page and send us your postal address.