Take a bow, bike advocates — but don’t rest

It was thrilling to see the progress on the Miami Bicycle Master Plan that was presented Aug. 19 at Grapeland Heights Park.  

Mike Lydon of Street Plans Collaborative outlined the planning process, showing slides of Miami streets being targeted for bike improvements and drawings of how bike lanes, street markings and "bicycle boulevards" can be used to improve bicycle safety and navigability in the city.  His map of proposed bicycle parking locations was especially dramatic to all of us who have hunted in vain for safe stowage during errands downtown or on most shopping streets. Of course, plans are one thing and the execution quite another. All of us who care about a greener, more livable city need to follow up as the plans go to the City Commission this fall — and stay involved as the new city administration is formed after the Nov. 3 election.

Mayor Manny Diaz and his aides have been wonderfully creative and supportive in their response to the requests Green Mobility Network took to the mayor early last year — a briefing book stuffed with examples of how Miami could become the bike-friendly city that its geography calls for it to be. Speaking to the roomful of cyclists last night, Diaz said, "We've come a long way — because of the pressure you're putting on your elected officials to do the right thing."

If you want to keep the pressure on, in Miami and throughout Miami-Dade County, I invite you to join and support Green Mobility Network. The Join or donate tab above will show you how. Meanwhile, to learn more about what Miami has done so far, visit http://www.miamigov.com/bicycleInitiatives/pages/default.asp.

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